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A Midsummer Night’s Run – Turns out a nightmare to me!

It was three weeks ago since I participated the race – 15K run around Tommy Thomson park on Saturday night and raise money for SickKids Foundation, what a perfect match!

I’ve join the team”Midsummer” and raised $170 for the SickKids hospital. Drove down with my families (My wife & three kids) since it was a fun event. I was so existed that I completely forgot about my minor injury on my right ankle wasn’t completely recovered.

I came across two teammates from Ajax in the starting line and chat with them before it started. I felt well but already noticed there was some unusual pain generated from my right inner ankle from a ligament. I managed to run in my normal pace for the first 8K despite the fact that I knew I should have stopped because the pain was getting worse & worse.

I slowed down a lot for the last 7k and finished the race in GREAT pain! The power of my mind to finish the race was the only thing drove me to the finish line. I could hardly walked after the run and had so much problems to get back home (My son took over as the driver since I could not drive at all).

Until now I am still limping and not expecting the injury can be completely heal after 4-6 weeks later. I’ll definitely miss the Scotiabank Waterfront marathon but still hope that I can run the Toronto Zoo run in October.

Next year I will join this event again in good health and truly enjoy a a real midsummer night’s run!

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