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CW-X Insultator Pro Tights

These are my second CW-X purchase.  Love my regular cw-x tights, so wanted some for winter.  Fantastic!  They are plenty warm.  So far I have worn them to -3 and had no cold issues.  I imagine if I wore an under layer, they would be good to much colder.

 I am a firm believer in compression garments, and cw-x’s line are the best.  I often combine these with compression socks and have seen noticable difference in my recovery time. 

 That being said, the compression in the winter tights is a little less than in their normal ones.   This is understandable because of the extra thermal material. 

 The price is a little hefty for a normal thermal legging, but the compression is definetely worth the extra dough in my books!

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