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Bike Fit Revisited

This topic has been touched upon more than once on the Team Running Free website.  (If interested, search articles for “bike fit” in quotes to find them.)  In fact, although I have always contemplated seeking out a professional bike fitter, reading about it here was the final push I needed. 

When I started with triathlon, like a lot of people, I was a cycling newbie.  After completing my first race on my sister’s old mountain bike, I knew I needed a new ride.  To ease myself into the sport I chose a decent road bike at my local bike shop.  I love my road bike and although I have always been comfortable on it, I knew that perhaps the frame was not ideally suited to me.  It always felt a little big. 

With a couple seasons now under my belt, but not yet ready to invest in a new triathlon specific bike, I decided that adding aero bars to my road bike would make sense.  What better time then, to be professionally fitted.  Cue Rick Choy.  A triathlete and coach himself, Rick is also a FIST certified bike fitter.

After a few emails where I provided some basic information, Rick confirmed my suspicions.  My current frame was just too big.  No worries, he would try and work his magic with what I had.  We met at the Running Free store in Markham where he spent about an hour and a half measuring, swapping out parts, repositioning existing ones and installing new aero bars.  He was thorough and attentive. By the end of it, thanks to a new stem, some changes to my seat position as well as the aerobars, I had what felt like a new bike. A bike that I was now generating more power on than before. That in itself is worth the investment!

I have been using the new setup on the trainer for a few weeks now and I have no complaints.  However, I know that if I did Rick would be quick to help solve any issues.  I am keen to see how these changes translate to results on the road next spring. 

If you are, like I was, considering professional bike fitting services, I would urge you to do it.  Rick can be contacted through the Markham Running Free store or emailed at  Otherwise, find a reputable specialist in your neighbourhood through your local bike shop, triathlon club or by word of mouth. 

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