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Mizuno Top – Red Long Sleeve – Quick Dry


-100% Polyester fabric

-MIzuno Quickdry Plus technology

-Reflective Mizuno Logo on front

-Reflective “Quickdry Plus” logo on front

-Two small reflective triangular shapes on back

-Stitched pieces of fabric (black) in cuffs and bottom of shirt



-Visually attractive colour scheme / pattern of  Red / Black / Silver ( I may be a bit bias as red is my favourite colour- also black and silver go well with red)

-Combination of Red shirt and reflective areas are good for visibility during night runs


-Worked well as first layer under a breathable jacket in 0 ˚C weather

-Stitched black pieces in cuff hold the shape and may prevent stretching of cuff

-Stitched black pieces improve the shirt’s aesthetic qualities and selling features – it shows that the designer’s attention to detail as these pieces could have been left out but I think if these pieces were not included,  the value of the shirt in the view of the consumer would be reduced



-Reflective “Quickdry Plus” on front becomes “not visible” if you tuck in the shirt which I would normally do in most running situations; especially in cool weather since this would be my “inner layer” and a jacket would be worn over top

-No reflective sections on arms- Reflective areas on moving parts of running equipment may enable drivers to see you more easily at night

-More reflective areas could be added on front and back but not too much to cause shirt to loose it’s aesthetic appeal

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