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CW-X Pro Shorts

Let me start off by saying that I am not all that tech-savvy when it comes to gear. I love gear, but I don’t get all that excited about knowing the intimate details of the latest technology. But I am very interested in what works and what helps me to perform better. So I will spare you the technical jargon in this review (there are a number of other reviews of the CW-X Pro shorts on this website that already do a great job of this) and just describe my experience. I put on the CW-X Pro shorts for the first time about 7 months ago and instantly felt the great support in the quad, hip flexor, and IT band areas. This was my first time using a CW-X product or compression clothing in general. Since then, I’ve used my Pro shorts for everything from trail running/racing, hiking, paddling and mountain biking, to cross-country skiing and snowshoe hiking/racing. I have also used them in all of my adventure races this year, ranging from 6 hours to 5 1/2 days, as well as the 3-day Ultimate XC stage race.  The shorts have made a huge difference in my level of comfort and performance, particularly in staving off the lactic acid build-up in my legs. I find I am able to climb more efficiently and I generally feel like I have more endurance when I am wearing the shorts.  I’m sure I’ve worn them well over 150 hours to date and they still look and work like new. The only problem I’ve encountered so far is having to wash them so often so I can use them again! Overall this is a great product and I’m looking forward to trying out a pair of CW-X tights next.

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