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K-Swiss Blade Light Run

I’ve been waiting for the right time to share my thoughts about the K-Swiss Blade Light Run with the Running Free community and now that all of the Running Free stores are stocking various models of K-Swiss Running shoes, I can now do so.If you’ve been to Ironman race Expos over the past few years, then you’ve seen K-Swiss there as a regular fixture. If you’ve also wondered if their flashy looking shoes were more than just about appearance then I can confirm that they are. There is a lot of thoughtful technology utilized in their shoes, and they are not just for triathletes.

In the late fall, the folks at K-Swiss gave me a pair of Blade Light Run’s to try, and told me I was under no obligation to write anything about them. Basically, it went like this – try them, love them or hate them, thanks for giving them a try, and tell people about them if you like them. I like them!

Aside from the slick design and black, yellow, silver and white colour scheme (now offered in blue, silver, and white), the Blade Light Run is wickedly light at 9.3 oz (as the name of the shoe indicates), and has plenty of cushioning.

The Blades in the name come from the strategically placed K-EVA blades at the soles of the shoes to deal with the angle of impact, and contain flex points for a natural feeling fast ride. The quicker your turnover, the better it feels and seems to work, but it still works nicely for slower cadences.

These shoes are definitely made for warm weather racing or training since their ventilation/breathability is as perfect as you can get, and their drainage (for those that like to pour water on themselves during races to keep cool or heavy duty sweaters) is among the best I’ve experienced.

Small touches like loops at the rear of the shoe and the tongue are nice, as it does help in slipping on the shoes faster in transition. Their Blade Light Race model (8.9 oz), works even better for this since it uses a velcro strap instead of laces. Both can be worn sockless without much worry for chaffing.

If you have excellent running mechanics these shoes will work nicely for you, for those that tend to run in support or control shoes (like me), the Blades are not out of the question for you. Just don’t try and run a marathon in them unless you can maintain your 5-10 km form for an entire race. I recommend using them for races (especially in hot and humid weather), and shorter training runs. I love putting them on for a quick brick run after a long bike ride. No matter how heavy my legs feel, I put the Blade Light’s on and just want to go fast. Plus, it forces me to concentrate on my form, have a quicker turnover, and not have a heavy heel strike as I do with my heavier training shoes.

For a bit more stability and improved water resistance, you will want to give the 9 oz Kwicky Blade Light a try. As soon as I get a chance to try them I will tell you all about them too.

If you decide to buy these shoes or any product found at Running Free, save yourself a few bucks and use coupon code 11296.

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