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On Sunday May 1 a few “new to running” members from Ajax RF did their first race – The Sporting Life 10K. Two, were paired with more experienced runners from Team RF. This buddy system is of great benefit for several reasons. First, the buddy can share their pre-race knowledge and experiences – what to eat and when, how to place the chip on one’s shoe or bib on a T-shirt, and where to congregate in a corral. As the race begins, running buddies, who are sure to know about “going out to fast”, can help the novice racer focus on pacing.
On a fast course, like Sporting life 10k with thousands of participants, this can be problematic and result in negative consequences in the race. During the race, running buddies can lend words of encouragement and spur on the novice runner. Most importantly, running buddies can share the tremendous accomplishment and celebration associated with novice racers crossing the finish line for the first time.

Experienced runner, Lee Anne Francis, explains “I have been able to see how hard the rookies are training on Monday night’s run club. They go out in rain, snow, sleet, dark and cold. It hasn’t been stopping any of them. So to see all of their hard work come together on a race day was a fabulous and emotional experience”.

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