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When rides end early…

This morning’s ride ended pretty suddenly… About 20 km short of the intended finish, and as one could assume, equally far from home.

Luckily, I could make a phone call and arrange a ride (straight to work!)

As prepared as you can be with tools, air, spare tubes, patches and the like… there is always the possibility….

This was a sad day for my bike… which until today was a “crash-free” ride without so much as a scratch on it. A sudden swerve to miss an obstacle though is really all it takes… And very suddenly, all of that changes.

Expert bike handler or not, it doesn’t take a lot for a carbon front fork to submit under some sudden unwarranted pressure / torque.

Likewise, if your bike has quite a few years and miles on it, your front fork might be worth an inspection… there are some good indicators of wear and tear that can set off some alarm bells, and these are definitely worth paying attention to.

Today, I was lucky.

With wounds healing quickly I still intend to race in Peterborough this weekend. I also intend to keep the old front fork, if for nothing else than a small and powerful message for youth I train / coach….

“Wear your helmets kids!”



I’m 26 years old. I have a beautiful girlfriend who doesn’t mind coming out to long races in the extreme heat or pouring rain, and splitting the grocery bill with me and my 4000 calorie / day vegan diet. I’m a triathlete from the ankles up. I started out as a very biomechanically inefficient runner… the worst you’ve ever seen, I guarantee. I’ve somehow managed to drag my pancake-flat feet through marathons, triathlons, and even a 400 kilometre 10-day charity fundraiser run. Shifting the focus away from running though, and training as a triathlete has helped to keep me injury free for the last 3 years. It’s even made me a little faster on my feet. Aside from swimming, cycling and running, I like travel, yoga, and surfing. In 2006, my girlfriend and I lived in Japan and went surfing every week… unfortunately, there is no surfing in Markham.

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