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Montrail Molokai and Mokolini

Finally (I think) the summer is upon us.  We can now wear flip flops après run/race and not worry our feet will freeze.  Most flip flops are usually thin bases with hard plastic straps, not very comfy after a long run or ride.

Montrail’s Molokai/Mokolini is a flip flop that is considerably different.  The highly cushioned sole provides a soft and stable ride while the toe-post is slender and synthetic backed straps are wider giving you a great feel for après race or a long day.

The best part of the Molokai is the fact you can custom fit them to your feet. The textured thermo-moldable PRFRM™ foot-bed creates a customized fit.  You can “warm” them in the oven and then stand in them while they cool to the contours of your feet or if you aren’t as kitchen savvy,  you can just wear them right from the box and over time the sole customizes to your foot.

I have owned the same pair for over 4 years and still love wearing them.

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