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Salomon Fast Wing Hoodie 2

Salomon Fast Wing Hoodie 2 Gear Review


I first came across this jacket when I borrowed it from a friend during my Bruce Trail thru run adventure and I new it was the perfect jacket for me!  It held up in windy, rainy weather and helped me get through a 15 plus hour day on the trails.  I knew that I would be purchasing one for myself soon enough, and I did.  Here are some of my thoughts having used the jacket extensively.

There are a couple of things that I look for specifically when deciding on a light weight jacket to wear, especially for ultra-marathon running.  The most important things include, first, how well it protects you in the elements, and second, how easily if can be carried or transported on/in either a hydration pack or on yourself.   The Salomon Fast Wing Hoodie 2 has both of these essential qualities.   I came across this light weight jacket for the first time during my speed record run of the Bruce Trail.  The weather had turned ugly, with driving rain. and was quite windy along the Caledon region of the trail when we were running on sections connected by Airport Road.  A friend of mine who was with me on that day lent me her jacket (a fast wing hoodie 2) and I was very impressed with how well it stood up to the weather we were experiencing. I was pleasantly surprised at how dry it kept me and how minimum wind penetrated through the jacket.  I sometimes have issues running in the cold, especially when it is damp and windy.  However, I had no problems with the elements even when it became very windy, as the jacket kept my core upper body warm and I was able to keep going and complete the planned long day on the trails with no issues.

As an ultra-marathon runner, I often spend all day out on adventures and I always like to carry a compact jacket just in case and want something that is easy to carry and super light weight and not bulky. This is the perfect “just in case” jacket with some added features.  Here are some of the specific features of the fast wing hoodie that make it an optimal light weight jacket, unique from others.  It has a hood with cinch cords to keep the wind and rain from coming into the jacket and keeps you warm.  I often run with the hood on especially if it is raining.  However, if I don’t need the hood it can be rolled up and kept inside the collar.  A very cool, practical feature of the jacket is that is has a stow away pocket, so the jacket can be put into a little ball, zipped up and strapped to your arm with the built in arm strap. It also can easily fit a hydration pack or onto a waist pack.

|Overall, this jacket rates an excellent in my books.  It has all the features that I could ask for and more.  Whether is be trail running for a few hours, or running a multi-day adventure, the fast wing hoodie always comes along for the ride.

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