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Sporting Life 10k – A Family Affair

There is something appealing about toeing the line with 20000 other runners on a Sunday morning. This, coupled with the mostly downhill route along Yonge Street, makes the Sporting Life 10k a race not to miss. In fact, runners were lucky this year and had the choice of two different races on two different days. However, I won’t speculate on how long we will be blessed with both of these spring 10ks.

My main motivation for this race was as a tune up for my summer triathlons. I was also keen to improve upon my time on this course from 2 years ago. My running had been pretty consistent through the winter and spring so I thought there was a good chance for a PR. I wasn’t the only one running in my household either. My husband, a man by all appearances, built for running began a love affair with our treadmill. Well, love affair may be a bit of an exaggeration. But he certainly was devoted. So much so that despite my urging, even on beautiful spring days, he chose the treadmill over the great outdoors.

So when a friend offered my frugal better half a free race bib, much to my surprise, he accepted. As much as I was delighted, I realized the pressure was on. I couldn’t let my inexperienced, yet naturally blessed husband best me. Initially, the loving wife in me thought I should run with him. That thought was fleeting; it is a race after all. And so, come race morning, although I started with him, I quickly took off and didn’t look back.

My race was great. The weather was ideal, I pushed myself and ended up finishing in 52:38, ahead of my previous time by almost a full minute. I was thrilled with the result and lingered around the finish line to cheer on my husband. I waited for about 5 minutes before thirst drove me on. My only complaint about this race was the chaotic nature of the finish area. Needless to say, I never did meet up with my husband in the sea of 1000s and after snagging a banana and chocolate milk, started the long walk to the subway. My husband actually beat me home but did not beat me in the race. For someone who has never raced, wasn’t training outside and had never run further than about 8 km, his time of 58:59 is pretty respectable. He is already planning on besting this next year. I better watch my back!

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