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Inaugural Toronto Triathlon Festival – July 2012

I wish I were a poet. I’d pen a haiku to express my feelings on the inaugural Toronto Triathlon Festival. But I’m an engineer, so perhaps a statement of the facts would be more appropriate.

  • For the first year of an urban triathlon with fairly complicated logistics, this race was very well organized.
  • The grounds around Ontario Place are ideally suited for a triathlon and hopefully remain as such after any future re-development and its re-opening.
  • A closed Gardiner/DVP is one of my favorite places to ride and is truly something special.
  • Running along the Martin Goodman Trail isn’t too shabby either, except when you have to dodge the occasional recreational user and/or dog and/or dog poop.
  • Sometimes the stars align and you get the very end of the bike rack closest to the bike exit.
  • Having a finish line a kilometre from the transition area makes for a long walk back to fetch your bike.
  • Simon Whitfield’s back is extraordinarily muscular and awe inspiring.
  • Water in the Ontario Place basin is so surprisingly clear that one can read displaced “no parking” signs on the lake bottom even if you don’t really want to know what is down there.
  • Starting in the final “old lady” wave is annoying but something I should really get used to unless I stick to mass start races.
  • There are real benefits to not having to get up at 4am to drive to a race out of town.
  • There are also real benefits to being home in time for lunch, like lunch.
  • Racing in your home town also means lots of fellow triathlete friends cheering you on along the course.
  • The technical T-shirts were really nice, which everyone knows is important.
  • A 10 minute PR for an Olympic distance triathlon is quite satisfying.
  • In 2013, the Toronto Triathlon Festival will host the national championships and will have 10 world championship qualifying spots per age group in the Olympic and sprint distances.
  • Perhaps with another 10 minute PR next year I’ll have a shot at one of those spots.
  • I will definitely be racing the Toronto Triathlon Festival next year.

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