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Salomon XT II Lite Women’s Running Shorts

I’ve always worn tight legging-style shorts or capris to run in the summer. I’m not sure why I’ve shied away from more traditional running shorts but I have. Until that is, I picked up a great pair of Saucony shorts off the discount rack at Running Free this past spring. I loved them right away. Comfortable, light weight, flattering and non-chafing, they were great except for one thing. The shorts are a light grey colour, which whenever I would sweat (which is every time I run) the butt/crotch sweat was painfully obvious. Not that I really care, I have no pride and would still wear them. However, I thought a second pair in a darker colour might be nice.

I picked up the Salomon XT II Lite Women’s running shorts at the beginning of the summer. The shorts come in black with an adjustable waist, a stretchy mesh stripe in turquoise down the side and reflective branding and details. They have a nice cut and are very flattering but I do think I got one size too small. I bought a medium when a large would have likely been better. The medium gave me a wedgie and a slight muffin top (never a good look). Nevertheless, I like the fast drying material which is light weight yet sturdy and not sheer. More importantly they hide the sweat very nicely. I found the rear zip pocket too small and impractical. Mind you, I generally find any short/pant pocket useless and prefer stashing my stuff and ipod in my fuel belt or shirt pocket (or sports bra) anyway.

One serious problem I had with the shorts was the lining. It is constructed of a thin fine mesh material, similar to that found in men’s swimming trunks. (This makes me think that a man designed these shorts.) Like many folks, I like to go commando when I run and this lining is simply not substantial enough. Fine mesh does not work and really should be a solid stretchy moisture wicking material, preferably with a reinforced gusset. Given this serious downfall, I pull the Salomon XT Lite shorts out for the occasional short run when my favorites are in the wash but aren’t the first ones I reach for. That honour still belongs to my light grey Sauconys.

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