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Well, I was the very lucky recipient of some amazing Gu products in this years Team Running Free lottery. I was absolutely stoked for this, because I have been a Gu customer in the past, and now I was going to be able to stock up even more for my training and racing in the 2013 season.

One of the usual first questions people have about sports nutrition products, even before considering if they work or not, is “how do they taste”.

The folks at Gu have done a bang up job here. The products taste great, and this is crucial because irregardless of the product performance, it has to be palatable or you just won’t use it. Right?

Let’s discuss the Gu Energy Gels. I chose quite a good selection of flavours: Jet Blackberry, Orange Vanilla, Tri Berry, Vanilla Bean, and Peanut Butter. They all have great flavour, not too strong, and not excessively sweet. The consistency of the gels is extremely smooth and thin enough to be able to squeeze it out of the packet with ease, which is important on the run or bike because you don’t want to have to work to get your nutrition in. It has to be fast and easy. My favourite flavour initially? Peanut Butter! I often use peanut butter in training so this was a no-brainer for me to use. Love the flavour.

Next up is performance. There have been many times I’ve pushed the limits in training and found myself starting to lose power due to being depleted. After using a gel or two, I have found myself  gain back my energy and form to get the job done. So quite simply: they work.

The gels are palatable, tasty, they work they way they are intended, and best thing is they are easy on the stomach. I have not heard of anyone (including me) who have ever had stomach upset in training or racing while using these Gu Gels. So, top marks all around for this product.

Next product: Gu Brew electrolyte hydration product. Again, another home run. I have tried many products on the market over the years that are intended to help with hydration and electrolyte balance. The Gu Brew has delivered big time for me. I am a hot weather lover. In fact, I love to train on those really hot and humid days in July and August when the temps are up in the 80s and the humidity is up there as well. This makes hydration and replenishing salt and potassium crucial. Gu Brew is once again, a very easy to use, tasty, not too sweet product that has kept me moving and pushing on those long rides and runs.  I use Orange and Tri Berry flavours. You simply drop one disc into your water bottle and fill it up. It has an effervescent quality and dissolves easily. The flavours are not too strong, and if you like, you can always dilute a little more if you like it weaker. I have never had a problem getting through hot rides or runs when using Gu Brew along with just plain water. It is a staple for my training all year long.

Finally, I used Gu Chomps Energy Chews. These are little ju jube-like chews that provide energy during your workouts. I used Blueberry-Pomegranate, and Orange flavours. They taste great, are easy on the stomach, and again, give you that edge to get through a workout. Because they are a more solid form than the previously discussed products, they last a little longer in the mouth. And I like that. They give you something to work on during a run, and that is where I used them most.

I can’t recommend these products enough for anyone who is training for endurance sports, or any activity where constant energy and proper electrolyte balance is critical. Love them!!

Oh, and one more thing. I mentioned above that Peanut Butter Gu Gel was initially my favourite flavour. I have a second favourite now: Salted Caramel. This stuff tastes amazing!! It was not available when I picked up my lottery win, but when it was released  I grabbed some. It’s crazy good. And has the performance to match.

Gu rocks!!

Scott Burns,

Team Running Free Newmarket.

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