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Nathan Intensity Hydration Vest Pack

Nathan IntensityI have been using my Nathan Women’s Hydration Vest Pack this summer on my long runs while I was training for my  Marathon Race in September.   I do have a Nathan Waist Fuel Belt that I use on my shorter runs but felt I was struggling on my longer runs, and especially during the hotter days,  because I was running out of liquids before my runs were completed.  With the Nathan Women’s Hydration Vest, the bladder is capable of holding  a maximum 2 litres of fluids, which would give me plenty of fluids to get me through those longer runs. The shoulder straps and the the back panel are of mesh material which helps to wick away the moisture from my body.  The Bite Valve on the tubing  is a great feature  and can be easily shut off with a simple twist.  The shoulder harness and sternum straps fit nicely and securely.  I found I had no rubbing or chafing anywhere.   The entire vest is so light, even when the bladder was  filled with the maximum 2 litres of fluid,  that many times I had forgotten I even had it on.   A nice feature that I really liked,  was  that it is made specifically for women it  just sits in the right spot on my back.  There is a large zipped compartment on the back to hold snacks & bulkier items.  Each shoulder strap has a compartment on the front, one side zipped and the other side with a draw string to secure your keys, cash, energy gels, cell phone etc.  I never felt that the Nathan Women’s Intensity Hydration Vest was bulky, uncomfortable or hindering while I was running or felt that I was carrying an extra load. The vest material is very easy to clean and the bladder is  easy to clean as well.    I LOVE, the Nathan Women’s  Hydration Vest completely.  I have used my Nathan Women’s Intensity Hydration Pack on my trail runs and hiking adventures which allows me to enjoy my activity in comfort and knowing I have plenty of room for addition items to carry with me.  If you are looking for a light weight hydration pack for those longer runs  or hiking with great comfort, large reservoir and lots of room for additional items to carry, I would recommend you choose the Nathan Women’s Intensity Hydration Vest Pack.   You will not be disappointed!

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Married with 3 children. I never liked running as a kid growing up but took up running at the young age of 45 when my youngest was in his teens. I always walked but needed more activity in my life and began running to keep myself in shape. Running gives me the freedom to get away from every day life occurrences and helps to clear my mind. I love to push myself to the next limit and happy with my accomplishments.

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