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Fox River – Best Socks Ever!

Over the past almost 10 years, I have used Fox River socks for almost all of those years.  I tried a few others but I kept coming back to Fox River.  The quality is second to none.  I have put the socks through every imaginable situation and they have always performed well.  From running a 100 miler in the dead of winter to running Western States through the Sierra Nevada mountains, they performed amazingly.

One of the best features of Fox River is their product line.  They go from ultra-thin to the thick coldest weather running.  I have socks in all the major categories and pull them out accordingly to the weather.  For their winter socks, I have never gotten frost bite on the toes and frankly, my toes end up sweating by the time I’m done my long run.  I’m not exactly eagerly waiting for -40 temperatures but I know that I have the right socks for the temperatures.

My only beef with Fox River is that they don’t offer a compression wear line.  Not sure why they don’t but the offering would help them fill out an already stellar product line.

Overall, I would highly recommend Fox River socks.  They are really in a class by themselves.  Give them a whirl and you won’t go wrong!

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