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Newton “Motion” Stability Performance Trainer

Newton “Motion” Stability Performance Trainer

Yes they are flashy, and yes people will see you coming. But we all know that triathletes are as concerned about their appearance as much as their training and racing. I think that Newton has a firm position of being the shoe that stands out in a crowd. I’m not going to deny it, that is part of the reason I was drawn to them.

I recently had the chance to test drive and race in the 2013 Newton Motion trainer. The transition into the Motion was an easy one for me as I am already a Newton runner. But for people who haven’t run in Newtons yet, beware. Newton is the only shoe on the market with a “biomechanical metatarsal sensor plate” on the sole. Say what? Lets call them “lugs”. It definitely changes the way you run and that is part of the reason for running in them. If you are interested in Newton’s you may already know about the lugs. Because of these lugs you are going to learn to run a new way whether you want to or not. The lugs on the bottom are there to help you strengthen bones, ligaments, muscles and tendons. If you are a heelstrike runner, these shoes will force you to become more of a forefoot runner, potentially reducing injuries.

In order to adapt to the lugs you will need to reduce your run lengths and gradually build back up to your pre-Newton distance even if you are an experienced runner. For example, I ran my 10k route, running the first 2k in my new Motion’s and the remaining 8k in my old shoes. I increased my distance by 2k every outing and I planned routes that allowed me a quick stop at my house to switch shoes. By the time I got to 12k straight I felt strong enough to run the full distance in the Motion’s. Your body will know when the time is right to run exclusively in Newtons.

Some technical information about Newton Motion trainers: the weight on these bad boys is 9.3 ounces which is a nice light shoe, It has a high percentage of meshing which makes it a very breathable shoe especially for longer distances to keep your feet cooler longer. The drop on the Motion is relatively small, at only 3mm, which would make sense as the weight is fairly light. The shoe comes in many different sizes ranging from 6 – 15 with all half sizes.

The price comes in a little steep at $175, however, well worth the investment as you are teaching your body to run the proper, natural way, and strengthening yourself at the same time.  This shoe will help you run and look better, feel more comfortable and help you strengthen your legs for better and hopefully faster running.


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  • nice review kevin! i’ve not yet had an opportunity to slip into a pair of newtons. i’m a forefoot runner already, which may help the transition if i should find some to try out … my only hesitation would be the weight of the shoe. at 9.3oz, the motions are about 2-1/2 to 3 oz. heavier than the shoes that i prefer to wear (even for everyday training). but i’ve got enough variety in my rotation that something like this sure couldn’t hurt!

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