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I recently won $40 worth of Fox River products through the Team Running Free lottery. I was able to get two pairs of their PEAK sport Velox LX socks  (as seen above) . So far these socks have yet to disappoint, they have been great.  The socks have extra cushioning in places where blisters could occur. This is especially good when you are out on longer runs. These socks are very absorbent of any moisture. Another advantage of these socks is that they are all weather as opposed to socks that are thinner and can be only used in the summer. I feel that not only could you wear these socks for running but as everyday socks as well. The only problem I have found with them is due to the extra padding, and the socks being all weather, on race day’s I will probably wear a thinner, and lighter pair. That is the only downside with the socks I chose but Fox River probably has a thinner option for race days that I just couldn’t find when I was in the store to pick them out. Overall they are great socks and I would recommend them to anyone, runner or non-runner.

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