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Watuko Headgear

Watuko Headgear

My first run-in with the funky and stylish Watuko bamboo and modal headgear (which is also made in Canada) was last summer when it appeared at Running Free Orangeville. Jodi was sporting one herself at the time as a casual accessory to her working-day outfit and had mentioned how much she liked them.

The wraps come attached to a piece of cardboard with a variety of ideas on how to wear them. They can, of course, serve as a headband, but also a neckwarmer, a toque, a buff, or whatever else you might need them for! There are also some helpful tutorials on YouTube providing even more options for how to wear them. I really liked the idea of them being composed of natural materials, and that they had natural antibacterial properties. The wraps are available in a wide range of colours and patterns so choosing one to try was difficult! I have ended up with a few different colours and styles since I found out how great they are.

There was one thing that I was very worried about upon purchasing the Watuko wrap though… Such a soft fabric which I was planning to wear while running with my hair tied back already- how would it POSSIBLY ever stay in place?! Well, it does. I usually wear mine just as a typical headband over my ears and I have never had an issue with it even running up to 15km with it on it did not even budge. I like that the wraps are taught enough to stay in place, but comfortable enough that they can go over my ears while my headphones are in.

I initially wore the Watuko wraps in the summer and they are FANTASTIC for wicking away the sweat and preventing chafing- keeping you cool and dry. But then I wore them in the winter and they are also PERFECT for keeping you warm and dry and providing a barrier to the cold winds that we all know and love.

I also do a lot of weight lifting in addition to running and I find wearing these headbands is great for in the gym to keep my hair of of the way and the sweat from dripping down my face. I have even worn them a few times with my hair down as part of a normal every-day outfit and received a number of compliments on how great they look!

watukoThe Watuko wraps are also very easy to care for. It is recommended to wash them on the delicate cycle with cold or luke warm water, however I have honestly just tossed them in on regular cycles with warm water and have had no issues so far! Though, I have adhered to the advice to NOT PUT THIS ITEM IN THE DRYER as it can cause it to lose its shape and stretch. I just drape them over the laundry tub or line dry them and even the ones I have that are nearing a year old look great!

I am very impressed with this headgear overall and would recommend them to anyone! They can keep you warm and dry, or cool and dry, they keep the hair out of your face, are extremely comfortable, they don’t slip, are anti-microbial, easy to care for, and made of natural fabrics IN CANADA. You can’t go wrong in my opinion!

Here is a link to just one of many styles: Watuko headgear on the RF website



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