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I recently had the opportunity to try several products from Fox River. Fox River make socks for just about every sport activity you can think of, in my case, I used them for running. But these would perform just as nicely for hiking, cycling, tennis or any activity where you need a quality sock for your chosen activity. At first glance you notice a few things that are a little different with Fox River. The socks are made with what seems to be a little heavier stitching, at first I thought this may be an issue adding possible “pinch points” in the toe and heel area, but after one use I quickly realized this is not the case and the stitching only offers a better fit lessening the possibility for stretch wear. Two other characteristics that I found nice were the arch support stitching across the mid-foot and the extra support in the heel area. I normally use a low cut compression sock, so the mid-foot support was welcomed in a softer more comfortable feel. The extra heel support and wear pattern area seems to make sense as this is one of the areas where I tend to rub inside my shoe. This would prevent blistering and for those who like a looser shoe fit, the extra protection is a nice feature.

Fox River offer various models in the product line covering low and mid ankle lengths as well as crew length, and different weights for summer and winter. All have the cushioning features expected from a premium sport sock in several colors. To see what is available click the link here,

I would recommend these socks for anyone from beginner to experienced runner, go try ’em out. I know its hard to get excited about socks, but these are a nice product and worth a try. But of course one drawback, they are bit a pricey for a pair of socks. However, anyone who has run any distances of length will tell you that if  they could’ve spent a few more dollars for a better pair of socks instead of limping across the finish line with blisters, they would’ve done it without question.

So after all that training and effort to the start line, don’t take anything to chance, get the right equipment and try Fox River. Oh yeah, use them in training, nothing new on race day!

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