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Peterborough Half Iron DU (The 3 H’s)

Well, it was Hot, Humid and Hilly!!!

On Sunday was the Subaru Triathlon Series Peterborough Half Iron Distance. There were a few races going on at the same time in Beavermede Park in Peterborough. The Sprint Triathlon/Duathlon as well as the Half Iron Tri/Duathlon.

Short Version or Long Version??? Here is the Short Version –

Half Iron Du,
2K Run 11:58, 90K Bike 4:05:14 and 21.1K Run 2:26:38 Chip Time 6:49:35 HOT HUMID HILLY. Painful day but I still loved every minute of it sort of. The long version is better to read, It has

Half Iron Tri
Richard Pady
Kristen Bridges

Half Iron Du
Charles Bedley
Tammy Purdy

Sprint Tri
Jackson Laundry
Kathy Eggenberger

Sprint Du
Scott Murison
Marie Claire Brisbois

Team Running Free (that I know about)
Barbara Smiley-Goldman 1st in AG and 3rd in women
Ray Haywood
Myself (last of TRF) I am behind every Team Running Free Athlete 100% cheering you on even when you have left the park and I still haven’t crossed the finish line yet, but I am behind you all the way just remember that!. lol

Ivana and I went up on Saturday to spend the evening and night at my Dad’s place in Warsaw. Maya loves it up there where she can run around as much as she wants and we had left her there on Sunday during the race as it would have been to long of a day for her outside in the heat and she spend most of the time laying at the door waiting for us to come back. (for me that was going to be a long long time lol).

It was really nice spending the night up there with my parents and visiting as well. Lately it has only been short stays hauling trees back home.

Richard, Borrow, Heart & StrokeSunday morning came early, getting up at 4:30 to eat alittle pre-breakfast and then trying to go back to sleep for a few more winks. The morning went smoothly getting ready, racking the bike on the car and easy finding a Tim Hortons for my morning coffee. We had stopped in on Saturday to do the race packet pick up so it gave me a little extra time on Sunday. I racked my bike, dropped my bag and headed off to get all marker’d up. Saw a few Team Running Free athletes and chatted a bit then prepared for the start of the Half Iron Duathlon.

Richard, Borrow, Heart & Stroke


2KM Run

The Swim portion started at 8am and the Duathlon started at 8:25 and I was off with 22 other athletes for a 2K run through Beavermede Park in the grassy area. I felt good and feeling loose as I started and even after the 2K. I was last coming into transition but I have finished the 2K portion with my best time so far. 11:56 and then spent 2:23 in T1.

90K Bike
Out on Ashburnham, I thought good, not running for awhile now, maybe I could make up some time and get back feeling good. I was going to take it a bit easy on the way out and then if I had it in me I would just lay it all out and go hard on the way back in. Before I knew it, I was at the first bottle drop and I hadn’t even finished my Gatorade bottle…… so exchanged water and pushed a little bit more towards Hastings. 38K I blew a tube in the front and had to change. Just after Hastings, the turn-around was good and I told the voices in my head to take off. I now was half way and ready to push it hard, hoping the big climbs on the way out were going to be easy on the way back with good speed and easier climbs. (This was a lot more hills than I had thought and was ready for I guess) WELL, the hard push was HARD, Head winds which made the hill climbs just as hard. I was starting to cramp up, I couldn’t eat anything as it felt like it didn’t want to stay down.

I made the 2nd bottle exchange at the 60K mark took Gatorade and water, had a banana washed it down and kept going. Only 30K left to go and 20 of it will be hard, the last 10 should be easier if I could remember the first 10K.

Well around the 63K area, I was changing gears to start a bit of a climb and BAM!!! chain jumped down into the frame of the bike, ok unclip and pull over…..NOPE, I tried, but cramping and tired, my heal slipped into the rear spokes and the bike stopped reallllll quick, no strength in my left arm and down I went falling onto the road and I hear brakes stopping right behind me. Another rider stopped helped me up and then flipped the chain on for me while I am assessing myself. Thanked him and off he went. I really really appreciate you NOT running me over and thanks for helping out.

You know, since I have been racing a lot this year both in the tri/du sport and running road races, I must say that the tri/du sport athletes are ….. more concerned with their fellow athletes (if they need help) than with runners. If you pull up on a run you will have 30-40 runners go past you without even saying a word to see if you are okay, but not in this sport of tri/duathletes. When I blew the tire, there were bikes going past but almost everyone would yell out are you okay or do you need anything? And if I would have said I needed a tube, I can bet someone would have stopped and gave me one.

Back to the bike. I am back on and going again. Pushing down on the left pedal was starting to hurt more and more, I couldn’t pull up on it so most of my work was being done with my right leg. So I tried to get as much speed down the hills to push me up most of the hill climbs and then stop and walk the rest of the hill, jump on and then go again. Well the voice is back again telling me to stop and pack it in. We had a very very long conversation. I am glad no one was listening as I think I was cursing for it to go away. I paid the entry, I need to race 500 miles this year and I need to raise funds for Heart & Stroke, that is why I am doing this. I have a goal and not much is going to stop it, maybe a few things, but pain that I might be able to block out that is not life threatening…. NOTHING WILL STOP ME.

I see the Lansdowne intersection coming up and I have been passing runners on the ½ marathon portion and yelling out ON YOUR LEFT, it was funny as the first person that I passed was shocked, I think as he wasn’t expecting a bike to pass by. I made it into transition, blood dripping down my leg, into my sock feeling squishy. I slipped out of my shoes, stopped at the line was asked if I am continuing, and I said YEAH!
Time was 4:05:14

Ivana was there running up the outside of transition following me up to my area, asking what had happened. I quickly explained and told her that I would see her at 1529hrs, leaving me 1 minute before the cut off of being a Finisher of this race. T2 3:28

21.1K Run
My only goal now was to finish but I really didn’t think I could. As usual, coming off the bike, it took a while to find my legs and with the pain of pounding down in the first 2K I didn’t know if I could do it. I came around just before heading out onto Ashburnham and people were clapping and I heard a few saying ewwwwe. My legs were coming back and I was starting to self hypnotize myself and into not feeling the pain. My pace started picking up and I started running out on the road and was sort of lost in a land of my own. Hills were a challenge, but walked a good portion of them as the pain in my knee was great as I was running down the hills, more work to get rid of the pain and push on. Then I am on my way back in and I am seeing that I am going to make the finish line before the time by a little bit. Blocking out pain and going blank, as I am getting closer I can feel it more and more now. I had to walk the last ½K and even at the finish line I could not even muster up a bit of a run it was too much. I crossed walking at 1514hrs. 7hrs 14 mins 36 sec. Chip time 6:49:35. I ran a 2:26:38 for the ½ Marathon, better than I thought ever.

Update on leg. Nothing broken, but it has really swelled up, so it has been suggested that I not race this weekend at TTF and take a couple of weeks off to recover. I agree.

After the Race
4 days later starting to swell up

Thank you goes out to my wife, Ivana for being there for me and trusting in me that I knew what I was doing when I went out onto the run, XXOO. !!!!!! Don and Dianne Borrow !!!!!!, Team Running Free and their athletes, NORCO Bikes for making a carbon bike that hasn’t cracked or crumbled from taking as many falls this year with the problem that I have with my arm. Subaru Triathlon Official at the line who allowed me to head out onto the run. My friends who support me throughout this year for what I am attempting to do (There are still a few more big races to complete). To TRF Sponsors, GU, Nathan, 7 Systems Supplements, Fox River, Montrail, Mizuno, Quintana Roo, Aquaman and CW-X.

Full report and pics on my blog at Damaged Hearts In Motion

Damaged Heart

Here are a couple of pics of the day and TRF athletes.

TRF ???? (Please Let me know)


Barbara TRF Markham
Ray from Barrie TRF

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