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Heading into the 2014 season, I embarked on the journey of eating healthier, and successfully going the route of low carbohydrate, no sugars, and no grains.

That was fine for day to day eating, but a bit of a challenge for Ironman training and racing. Some continue fuelling along those lines but that was not working for me. I decided to make use of carbs when it came to long workouts and races. Periodic indulgences into the carb world for long sessions was not going to break me out of the fat burning mode.

This is were I came across Honeymaxx. In fact, I got on board with the product a month before Running Free smartly started stocking it in its stores. Yes, they are always on top of getting quality products in the stores.

So why Honeymaxx? It satisfied exactly what I was looking for. A drink that kept the sugar content low, but still provided fuel and electrolytes for my training and racing needs. In fact, for many years, I’ve kept a bottle of honey beside my bike on the trainer to use as a fuel source during my long sessions.

One serving of Honeymaxx has 80 calories, 20 g of carbs (7 g of that being sugar), 40 mg of protein, 100 mg of sodium, 70 mg of potassium, along with magnesium, and calcium. The ingredients are all natural and organic as well.

In trying to maintain my fat adapted mode as much as I can, I also needed a drink that had a slow release of energy and did not cause insulin spikes. Honeymaxx fit the bill in that area too.

The beauty of the product is that you can mix it to whatever concentration you need depending on taste or how long you plan on training or racing. At first I liked the taste but did not love it, but I added an extra half scoop and that did the trick. That eventually scaled back the to recommended one scoop per small bike bottle once the taste grew on me over time. And I enjoy the Orange and Lemon Lime flavours equally, but it is nice to have the variety. I really loved that Honeymaxx has no aftertaste. It goes down quick, easy, is rapidly absorbed and easy on the stomach.

Is it a coincidence I used Honeymaxx in all my races this summer and arguably had one of my best season’s ever?

Here is a video of me mixing 8 scoops of Honeymaxx in 40 oz of water for three large bottles. Bottles were topped off with water. Each bottle contained 213.3 calories (the typical serving size is 80 calories). You do have to be careful when mixing Honeymaxx to ensure it does not clump, so I took this extreme approach due to the concentration. It worked perfectly.

I strongly recommend that you give Honeymaxx as try. It’s not too costly and you’ll be supporting a cool Canadian company.

You can find Honeymaxx here at Running Free.

Use code 11296 to save a few bucks.


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