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Hoss Five Pack Audio Report

It has been a busy season racing and coaching. I’ve been fortunate to deal with an wonderful group of athletes in my first year with Ignition Fitness, and with them receiving my full attention, timely race reports had to be put on the back burner. Now with the season being over for most of my athletes, I finally have some time to catch up with some race reports.

Even with that, I am going to attempt something a little different. An audio report commenting on all the races you see below. After listening to it a few times, I will try to make sure that the style and content changes each time. This one is 9 minutes in length.

Thanks for listening and reading.


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Huronia Sprint Duathlon – Sunday July 6, 2014

5 km Run – 24:29, 4:54/km pace, 164 Avg HR

T1 – 42 seconds

20 km Bike – 36:17, 33.1 km/hr

IF 1.02, VI 1.01, NP 242w, AVG Power 228w, 162 AVG HR, AVG CAD 80 rpm

– 2 minute Camper Van delay – NP 68w, AVG Power 60w,

T2 – 1:08

2.5 km Run – 11:52, 4:45/km, 168 Avg HR

4th overall 1:14:24 – first among Men 40-49

depending on who showed up, I thought I could have a chance at a win today with a good bike ride. However, with Matt and Michael, that was not going to happen. At best, even without the camper van delay (I got stuck behind one for 2 minutes), I would have been third overall.

–  Going into the race, I rode 5 hrs and ran 30 minutes on Friday, rode 2hrs 15 min, ran 20 min on Saturday.

– Bike course features some evil bits of climbing to start but after that you can fly. I love the run course that is a combo of road and crushed gravel trail.

Gravenhurst Sprint Duathlon – Sunday July 13, 2014

5 km Run – 24:16, 4:52/km pace, 162 Avg HR

T1 – 29 seconds

20 km Bike – 36:59, 33.1 km/hr

– 207w avg (used a PowerCal, a wheel cover, and my bad weather bike setup), 164 avg HR

T2 – 41 seconds

2.5 km run – 11:45, 4:42/km, 173 Avg HR

6th overall 1:14:08 – second among Men 40-49

– I did a 2 hr ride, 20 min run on Friday, followed by a 5.5 hr ride, 30 min run on Saturday

it rained for a good portion of the ride, cleared up a bit during the second run and after the race.

ran and rode a bit too slow to catch the 40-49 winner. The bike has some hills but you can still post a good bike split here, the run has some nice hills too, especially the 10km course.

Belwood Duathlon – Saturday July 19, 2014

5 km Run – 22:07, 4:26/km pace, 153 Avg HR

T1 – 59 seconds

30 km Bike – 50:36, 35.6 km/hr

– 217w avg, NP 226w, 158 avg HR

T2 – 47 seconds

5 km run – 20:51, 4:11/km, 166 Avg HR

6th overall 1:35:18 – second among Men 40-49

– Rode 5 hrs 45 min and ran 25 min on Friday

no way to catch the winner of the race, my buddy and Team RF alumni Larry Bradley. But really pleased with riding this fast on that course which is loaded with steady grade climbs on the back section on the way back to T2. I love the run course here which is all on trail/crushed gravel.

K-Town Duathlon – Sunday August 3, 2014

4 km Run – 19:06, 4:47/km pace, 153 Avg HR

T1 – 43 seconds

30 km Bike – 49:55, 36.1 km/hr

– 217w avg, NP 226w, 158 avg HR

T2 – 42 seconds

7.2 km run – 34:23, 4:47/km, 166 Avg HR

5th overall 1:44:47 – second among Men 40-49

second best bike. Totally shocked given the way I felt, and that I was going on 3 hrs of sleep.

– Rode 6 hrs and ran 30 minutes on Friday, Rode 3hrs on Saturday

was tired, sore, and did not feel like racing, But I made arrangements to meet someone there to check out a wheel. I always wanted to race K-Town so this forced me out there. This also meant leaving home before 5 am! Yikes!

great atmosphere at this race and I even missed out on prize money by one placement. But there was no way I was going to catch those faster runners.

as usual, did my usual strong second run, keeping the same pace as the first. Pretty much everyone else fades. I took it as a good sign for IMMT that my comfortably hard pace is getting faster too. Those Running Free calf sleeves were a big help in pumping out that run with tired legs. Kept them on post-race and on the way home to help with recovery.

– If you haven’t done this race, make sure to do it. I want to go back for sure and maybe make an entire weekend of it with my family.

Bracebridge Swim/Bike – Saturday August 9, 2014

750m Swim – 16:04, 2:09/100m, 153 Avg HR

T1 – 1:23

20.4 km Bike – 36:42, 33.4 km/hr

– 217w avg, NP 226w, 158 avg HR

2th overall 54:07 – first among Men 40+

tried out a new rear wheel with a cassette that was not 100% compatible. I had a random shift of the chain that made it jump and get stuck in between the cogset and the frame just after I made the turnaround and was cranking up the pace. I got off and yanked it out and placed it in the middle of the cogset and got riding again. A few minutes later, it did it again. Frustrating. I got it back on again but played it safe and kept the chain a 3-4 cogs up from the bottom and hammered the best I could for the finish. I was pretty sure I was well in front. I just wanted to hammer it out and keep safe before Mont-Tremblant.

Shout outs to Honeymaxx and Quintana Roo.

This is my first season using Honeymaxx during races and I clearly can’t argue with the results. Check out my Honeymaxx Review.

The QR Illicito is the fastest bike I’ve ever ridden. I am setting PB’s throughout the season.



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