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Mizuno Wave Sayonara 2 Review

Mizuno Wave Sayonara 2 Review

I have run in Mizunos for most of the years I can remember. I like the feel. I have what I consider an average arch, medium-width feet and am a neutral runner. I have run in the Wave Riders, Precision, and Elixer. Wanting to try something new and different, I grabbed the Sayonaras. I learned that this shoe took over from the Precision and Elixer. This shoe feels fast, is light and my new go-to race shoe (you know, the shoes you put on when you want to feel ‘fast’).

What is the difference between the Sayonara and Sayonara 2? Not much from what I read. New colours of course, different mesh (which I find breathable), it is a bit lighter weight, but overall the technology is the same (the ‘new technology’ is something called ‘U4ic’, which is supposed to help with shock absorption and durability.

I am not a shoe guru, and don’t pay too much attention to shoe specifics. If you however are interested in the specs here they are: weight: 6.6oz, 10mm drop. Those particular details don’t matter too much to me, what matters to me are how they feel. The toe box is roomy, the middle of the shoe is tight so my foot doesn’t move around. I actually felt like the toe box was narrower than the Wave Riders, but I am not entirely sure if this is true or not. I really like the colour (I have the purple and pink ones), however they also come in some different colours I am not as fond of (green and pink. Really?!). The sole of the shoe is sturdy but I do not find it too stiff.

I am currently training for a marathon and am rotating these shoes with my Wave Riders. I will disclose that I am only 5-months post- baby so the longest run I have done on these bad boys is a 10km. I read that these shoes can be used to run for distances of up to a marathon but haven’t gotten there yet myself. I think I prefer using my Wave Riders for distance and these shoes for speedwork and races.

Overall a great shoe. I would recommend it.

Want to see the review in video form? Check it out here:


Ran for Queen's University 2003-2007 Member of Newmarket Huskies 2017- current PB: 5km- 19:55 10km- 41:46 half- 1:31:47 marathon- 3:25:45 50km: 7hrs

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