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Montrail Women’s Mountain Masochist II

I was fortunate enough to be gifted a certificate from Montrail through the Running Free Lottery in 2014.  I chose the Women’s Mountain Masochist II.  I have been a road runner for several years now but I wanted to expand  and incorporate more trail running in  my training.  I must confess that due to an ankle injury I did not get out on the trails as much as I would have liked to but I did manage to try out my new shoes in various situations.

I love to hike and my husband and I actually were able to hike The Bruce Trail quite a bit this summer.  I liked how the Mountain Masochist II are very light weight (9.2oz) and very comfortable.  Even after several kilometers of walking, my feet felt like they were walking on cushions.   The outer sole is made of gryptonite and has great traction for being on the rugged trail.

We have taken up Golfing again and I chose my Montrail Mountain Masochist II as my choice of shoes.  They were very comfortable on the golf courses providing me with great comfort and kept my feet very cool. Too bad they had not helped with my golf game!

Running on the trails I found these shoes very comfortable and light weight.  The snug webbing across the top of my foot helped keep my feet in place on those long runs.  Because this shoe is a low profile shoe, they kept the dirt and the tiny rocks that always find their way in your shoe from getting in.  This was great as I hate when the debris finds their way down into your shoe and having to stop and shake them out.  I encountered no blisters on any of my runs which is a very important feature in a runner’s life.  I never once experienced any difficulties with over pronation over the rough  and uneven terrain and found at the end of the day my feet were not sore at all. My ankles need all the support they can get and I found these shoes very easy to wear with no discomfort.  Great ventilation mesh to allow your feet to breathe!

With the fall/winter months approaching I have decided to give my Montrail Mountain Masochist II’s a workout on my longer training runs on the side roads.  I am impressed and really can’t find anything I dislike about them.  When this runner comes home from a run with no blisters or sore feet after a long run….she is Happy!  I will continue to wear them this winter during my runs as I train for my most important race thus far…Boston Marathon 2015.  I would definitely recommend these trail shoes for any runner.   Safe and Happy running!

Judi Jamieson



Married with 3 children. I never liked running as a kid growing up but took up running at the young age of 45 when my youngest was in his teens. I always walked but needed more activity in my life and began running to keep myself in shape. Running gives me the freedom to get away from every day life occurrences and helps to clear my mind. I love to push myself to the next limit and happy with my accomplishments.

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