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Nathan HPL #020 Race Vest

My Past Mountain biking recreation i used Hydration packs nearly all the time, the convenience of just sticking a GAS hose in your mouth with little time with my hands of the handlebars was my preference.

The Nathan HPL 020 features a 2 litre Bladder that is securely tethered inside the Pack.

The biggest inconvenience for these bladders is after your long run your not quite feeling like cleaning it.

The Nathan makes it much easier than my old camel backs by making the upper end of the bladder featuring a Ziploc type opening, makes it much easier to rinse and hang for next run.

A trick i use to do with my Other hydration packs was any left over expensive drink left over , i could remove the drink hose and put the bladder and contents in the freezer than adding more for my next run or bike .

This vest is so lite and comfortable and the lite mesh allowed good breathability .

The front pockets are easy to get into , with one zippered for those expensive items .

The Drink spout was my only dislike , it was a little tough to drink though the valve however i dug into my old hydration packs and used my Camelback tongue press valve on this Nathan.

I didn’t use this Hydration pack enough , well because i just don’t do many self supported long runs , however this Pack made the ones i did a very good experience.

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