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Sporting Life 10KM 2014

Race: Sporting Life 10K
Distance: 10 Km
Date: Sunday, May 12, 2014
Pre-Race Preparation: Making sure I was dressed warm enough. The weather have been cold the pass 2 years for this race.
Pre-Race Thoughts: Is my legs recovered enough to run a personal best for this race after running the Mississauga full marathon last weekend? If not, what should I do during the race?
Running Surface: Concrete, pot holes, uneven pavements
Incline / Decline: Mostly decline
Start Time: 8:00am
Finish Time: 8:37:53am
Weather: Cloudy and windy for most of the race.  Sunny by the time I finished the race.
Pre-Race Routine: Carb-loading Wednesday – Saturday, going to the gym to spin out my legs with zero resistance.
Shoes: Pearl Izumi Peak 2
Socks: Adidas
Fluids taken during the race: I had less than half a cup of water at the 5 and 8KM aid station.
Energy / Calories consumed Prior to the race: I had my oatmeal with chia seeds, hemp seeds and cranberries for breakfast.  I took a powergel (banana/strawberry flavor) 15 minutes before the race. I didn’t need to take any additional gels or Gatorade during the race.
General Observations: The event was organized very well.  Lots of volunteers and lots of runners!  This race keeps growing and growing!  =) I got there early and checked my bag without any issues.  However, it was chilly so I went to the closest starbucks prior to the start of the race to stay warm.  I didn’t have any problems picking up my bag post race as well.  The volunteers were great and organized.  The speculators were very friendly and cheering loud for everyone. The post race foods are the usual bananas, bagels, water and Gatorade.  There aren’t as many vendors providing additional post race activities as last year.  The swag we got this year is a nike dri fit run t-shirt and a sporting life gift card.  =)
Things that worked for this event: The free sporting life gift card definitely attracted me to sign up for this race even though everything at sporting life is a bit pricy.  In the end, at least I know some of the proceeds will help send kids with cancer to Camp Oochigeas!   I also managed to run a personal best!  =)
Things that didn’t work well for this event: I totally outpaced myself during the first 4km and felt extremely out of breath.
Post-Race Recovery: I have a huge brunch with lots of protein. After brunch, I went to the gym and spin, roll and stretched out my legs.
Things to Improve for Next Time:  I’m going to do more tempo and fartleks runs to practice pace.

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