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Mississauga Marathon 2014

Race: Mississauga Marathon
Distance: 42.2 KM
Date: Sunday, May 4th, 2014
Pre-Race Preparation: Making sure I have enough layers on.  I ended up wearing a long sleeve and a singlet over top with shorts.
Pre-Race Thoughts: I hope my IT band will hold up and not get worst for my first full marathon of the year. 
Running Surface: Concrete
Incline / Decline:
Mostly flat with 1 big incline and a few small ups and downs
Start Time: 7:30 am
Finish Time: 10:38:53 am
Weather:  Chilly, cloudy and windy
Pre-Race Routine: Carb-loading Wednesday – Saturday, Ran on Tuesday and Friday prior to race day.
Shoes:  Pearl izumi streak 2
Socks:  Adidas
Fluids taken during the race: Every aid station I would drink a small sip of water.  Every second aid station, I would drink Gatorade. 
Energy / Calories consumed Prior to the race: Morning Oatmeal, chia seeds, hemp seeds, cranberries.  A banana half an hour before the race.
Energy / Calories consumed During the race:
Burned about 2500kcal according to my garmin gps.
Sodium / Electrolytes consumed During the race: I took 3 powergel this race.  Banana/Strawberry flavor. Took one at 21km, 30km, 38km.
General Observations:  This is smaller than the Toronto Goodlife marathon which was happening the same day.  There was a shuttle bus that takes you to and from the start and finish which was great to avoid all the congestion.  The course is generally flat.  The uphills and downhills near at 36-38km was brutal plus the gusty wind that day.  The course was marked well with lots of volunteers at the aid station.  The bands were great at a few check points to keep you motivated.  Cliff gels were given during the race but I didn’t take any as I had my own powergels.  The swag bag came with a tech shirt that fits me quite nicely as I have a very thin build.  I also got some crackers, oasis juice and starbucks chocolate coffee in my swag bag. There were bananas, bagels, apples, water, Gatorade, and chocolate milk in the post race area. I wish there was some kind of shelter at the end of the race as I waited for my friend to finish the race.  The wind was just too much in an open parking lot to hang around.
Psychological Observations:
It was great to have Norman (Team RF) running me in the last 3km.  I was able to have a strong 4:16/km finish. Thanks Norm!
Post-Race Recovery: I had a big breakfast with lots of chicken and eggs.  I went to the gym in the evening to spin, roll and stretch out my legs.  Throughout the week, I was eating a lot of chicken breast for the first three days along with spinning to keep my legs loose. 
Things to Improve for Next Time:  I need to do more speed work so I can drop four more minutes in order to qualify for the Boston Marathon.


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