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McGregor Mug Run 5k 2014

Race: McGregor Mug Run 5k
Distance: 5km
Date: Saturday, September 13, 2014
Pre-Race Preparation: I did two 8km runs before this race just to see how my body was feeling after the Canadian road race last weekend.  As usual, I still carbo – load from Wednesday to Friday.
Pre-Race Thoughts: Can I run another personal best? I got really sick after last weekend’s race.  Is my immune system ready for another race? Do I have a chance to place in this race? Should I just take it easy on my body?
Running Surface: Concrete, trail
Incline / Decline: Decline
Start Time: 4:00pm
Finish Time: 4:18:15pm
Weather:  Cloudy with gusty wind
Pre-Race Routine: Carb-loading Wednesday – Friday
Shoes:  Pearl izumi peak 2
Socks:  Adidas
Fluids taken during the race: Half a cup of water
Energy / Calories consumed Prior to the race:  GU electrolyte tab and a bottle of water, powergel (banana/strawberry)
Energy / Calories consumed During the race: none, I took a powergel prior to the race.  I wanted to see if it would make any difference taking a powergel for a short distance race. 
Sodium / Electrolytes consumed During the race: none
General Observations:  I arrived an hour early as the race started at 4pm.  I stayed warm and started warming up 30 minutes prior to the race.  The event was well organized with people ready to give you your bib and swag.  I got a plastic mug, tech long sleeve, free entry to the craft beer festival after the race and 4 tokens for beers. =)  The course was mostly flat with some trails before we head back into the neighborhood and then back into the road to the finish.   My friend Vikum and I placed 1 & 2 in the 30-34 age group.  We earned our beers!!  We also had cupcakes at the post race event.  Aside from the far drive out to Windsor, this was a very affordable race that came with a lot of goodies.  I really enjoyed the local food and craft beer festival after the race with my friends.  Great run and fun times!!  I would definitely do this race again.  It’s something different from the city races.  I feel like there is no pressure racing as I am just going out to a craft beer festival to enjoy my time with my friends. It was a great way to get some of my friends out for a run!
Things that worked for this event: Eating consistently on my long ride to the race.  This race started late compared to all the other races that I’ve ran.  I ran a personal best for this race. =)
Things that didn’t work well for this event: The weather could be nicer but I am glad it didn’t rained. 
Psychological Observations:  There were elite athletes at this race.  I tried my best to stick to my own pace as I see them take off at the beginning. 
Post-Race Recovery: Beer & Pizza to start. =) I went to the gym the next day to spin, roll and stretch out my legs. 
Things to Improve for Next Time:  None.  Just go out there and have a good time.  Being competitive for all my races takes the enjoyment away from running.

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