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Chilly Half Marathon 2015

Chilly Half Marathon 2015

Event : Chilly Half Marathon

Date : March 1, 2015

Location :  Burlington, ON

On Saturday March 1st I ran for the second year in a row the Chilly Half Marathon.  I arrived at the Waterfront Hotel with 3 other friends that would also be doing the race, but in total there were over 20 of us who had trained for it this winter.  On a side note, the Waterfront Hotel has amazing staff and service.  I was surprised when we were informed that breakfast was included with our stay. Rates for the hotel were fairly priced and definitely helps when you are splitting the cost 4 ways.  Race kit pickups are also located at the Waterfront Hotel.  Bib pick up and Jacket pick up was fairly smooth and they also had the option to register for next year (you betcha we did) and pre-pay for your coat check for the next day.  I was a big disappointed that race kit pick up had to be done by 3pm on Saturday.  It makes it a little tricky for us out of town folks.  Most of our crew opted out of the Pasta dinner the night before and headed over to a local buffet restaurant about 10min away and there was lots of options for everyone.

Money raised from this race goes directly to the Joseph Brant Hospital.  The route loops past the hospital which is a nice bonus -although I do have to note there is a sewage plant right by the hospital and almost takes your breath away! (blech)   Essentially the entire route is an out and back.  I love the fact that the race starts at 10am.  March 1st doesn’t usually bring nice Spring like temperatures and it’s still pretty dark at 7am, so both temperature and daylight are a major factor when choosing this race. The race course is pretty flat with a few rolling hills, which I seemed to notice this year only because I was dealing with a mild case of shin splints.  At the 3K and 15K you loop around and for a short while,  you are entertained by the amazing elite athletes.  I love watching their speed and perseverance and it kinda takes your mind off of the race for a bit.  It’s also nice to give your friends a fist pump or a high five on the way around.

Anyone training for this race this year was dealt temperatures of -40 on some weekends.  For me, this took me to the indoor  track.  I was a bit nervous about the temperatures for race day BUT mother nature was super amazing for all of us.  Temperatures we sitting at approx -10 with little to no wind and a very light snow fall. SWEET!  We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day. It amazes me the number of spectators out on a winter day!  There are a ton of signs, banners, music, high fives, cheering, kids and offers of Kleenex for your never ending snot rockets.  The atmosphere is so motivating and high!  There are plenty of hydration stations providing both water and Gatorade.  I didn’t notice any out door porta potty’s, but was informed that they were there just away from the hydrating station.  There were also Bananas and Oranges around the 15k mark.

Included in the Chilly Half is your medal, jacket, swag bag, chilli and beer.  I feel that this race is extremely well priced and fair.  I opted out of the free Chilly and Beer as I just wanted to get back to my hotel room and get warm.  It would be great if they were serving this as you came through the finish line!  (The chilli anyways).

Our race results were ready right away and the photos were sent to us Monday night!  This event is one of the most well organized running events I have ever attended.

Thank you Chilly for another great race and for an awesome start to the 2015 Race Season!  See you next year!


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  • best weekend!!! I loved the entire experience and can’t wait for next year. Very well organized and great fun! Helped that I was there with such an awesome group of people!!

  • Great review Tiffany! I think I may need to add this to the calendar next year. I definitely will opt for the chilli and beer though!

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