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2015 Season Opener at Woodstock

With my right foot acting up with sharp pains with every step, at stellar open to the 2015 season was not about to happen. If I had no race to do and had to do an training run, I’d would have selected to rest, recover, and take an off day. But of course, I headed down to Woodstock to race.
The Stats from my Garmin except for the total time (since race stats were missing all splits):

5km – 24:38 — 168 bpm avg

– Considered pulling the plug at 1km. Every step elicited a sharp pain on the side of my right foot. But I kept at it and found a way to modify my stride to minimize the pain.

T1 – 1:17

– Long run from the bike rack to the dismount line at Woodstock.

20 km Bike – 36:21, 169 avg hr, 194w avg, 210w NP

– Despite my 18 minute warm up, I did not feel right on the bike. The wind seem to come from every direction. This was my first ride on the Qr Illicito since August of last year and it took until the 7 km for my body to feel ready but once I got there, I ended with a decent ride. Not what I am capable of though.

T2 – 54:09

2.5 km run -12:10, 172 avg hr

– Less pain in the foot this time, but I wanted to get it over with asap so ran hard to close out the day.

Starting the final run.

Total time: 1:05:05 – last year I did it in 1:16:07.

The highlight of the day: Darren Cooney just keeps getting faster. 9th last year and this year 3rd.

Oh yeah, a few hours after the race, I got into the lake for my first swim of the year. The first 10 minutes felt horrible. I thought my shoulders were going to fall out. But all felt better on the way back to the start. Thanks to the Cass family for swimming with me.

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