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A Year of Swim/Bike & Relays

After my duathlon in Gravenhurst, the rest of the year was all about managing my foot injury, and since I love racing, I was relegated to Swim/Bike races, and relays where I could team up with friends to run for me. The only running I’d do would be for Ironman Mont-Tremblant and Kona. I’d find a way to dig deep and endure the pain of running for those two events. This was a great way for me to get in some swims too, since I was not doing much of that either due to my wonky shoulder.

Here is a brief rundown of the results from the 2015 season.

Bala Falls Swim/Bike – Sunday July 26, 2015

750m Swim – 15:42 (2:05/100m sleeveless wetsuit)

30 km Bike – 49:15 (36.55km/hr best bike)

Total – 1:06:18.1 – First Overall

I started the bike in 6th, and rode strong to first. I finally got my Garmin pedals working properly, but now the issue was that some muck got into my cleats and I could not clip into my pedals. So I essentially rode the entire way just mashing down on the pedals. No pulling up on the pedals today. So those power stats would be incorrect too.

Kingston Long Course Swim/Bike – Sunday August 2, 2015

2 km Swim – 47:33 (2:22/100m)

56.2 km Bike – 1:35:32 (35.3 km/hr – second fastest bike)

Total: 2:25:08.6 – 5th overall, 2nd Men 40+

Had a challenging swim in the choppy St. Lawrence (but I considered that to be good prep for Kona). I started the bike in 10th and rode strong to get into 5th overall. It was also super cool to be racing with 4 athletes that I coach. Congrats to Caroline, Leah, Susan, and Doug, who all had great races.

Bracebridge Olympic Swim/Bike – Sunday August 9, 2015

Thanks to the great Bob Hatcher for capturing this pic. What a sneaky guy 🙂

1.5 km Swim – 33:27 (2:13/100m)

42km Bike – 1:11:18 (35.35km/h second best bike)

Total – 1:46:22.1 (3rd overall, second among men 40+)

Started the bike in 11th and rode into 3rd. Congrats to Darren on toughing out the run and claiming a spot to the 2016 World Duathlon championships

Toronto Island Sprint Duathlon Relay – Sunday August 22, 2015

Overall win with Jason Ng – second year in a row

5km Run – 19:51 3:58/km

20 km Bike – (31:26 38.18 km/hr)

2.5 km run – 11:56 4:46/km

Total- 1:04:41.8

Wasaga Beach Olympic Swim Bike – Saturday August 29, 2015

1.5 km Swim – 39:08  2:36/100m (terrible swim in crazy swells and my shoulder felt horrible)

Sharing a chuckle with John Salt about my horrible swim – Mike Cheliak on the spot again to capture the moment.

40 km Bike – 01:07:02  (35.81km/h second best bike)

Total – 1:48:18.9 – 4th among men 40+ (without such a bad swim it would have been a podium)

Started the bike in 17, rode to 7th overall.

Georgina Sprint Duathlon Relay – Sunday September 13, 2015

Did not finish. Thanks to crazy stormy and extreme windy conditions, disc wheels were banned and I did not bring an extra set. My partner Troy did the first run and I had to break the news to him that I could not find someone to lend me a set. We will get them next year Troy. Congrats to Hong and Jason for getting 3rd.

Running after Troy as he heads into T1.

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