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100 KM Ultra Marathon London Ontario

100 KM Ultra Marathon London Ontario

Well I have completed the 100 km Ultra Marathon!!! Definitely the toughest race I have done thus far! It was a very interesting race, different from any other race I have ran. I completed the 100 km In 13 hours 14 minutes and got 2nd in my age group (Men 39 and under) Im the youngest to complete the 100 km at this race at age 22!!! The old record was 28 years old. Started the run at 8:00 a.m. and finshed at 9:00 p.m… So literally ran from day to night, which made the race very different compared to all my other races. The rain was heavy at times, which had Its benefits, the benefit, my body would stay cool, the disadvantage was that I was soaking wet, and had to run for a long period of time. The race was 2.2 km loops, so around 45 laps to complete the 100 km, thought It was going to be very mental, but It was fine to be honest, just because It was a very beautiful place to run through, so that helped a lot!!!
Felt better then I thought after the race, people were surprised I could bend over lol I was amazed how much this race can really take a toll on your emotions. There were times where I felt happy, and other times where I felt depressed. At around 90 km I felt blood thirst, I was hungry for the finish, and with only 10 km left, I new there was no way I was going to stop. I pushed through It and got It done. Again, It was a very interesting experience. Last couple of laps of the race, I could see a lot of skunks on the side of the trails, you could just see there eyes, and see there shadows, but that was It. Luckily no one got sprayed by any skunks!!! But overall It was a positive experience all around!!! 

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