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2015 Chase The Coyote Trail Race

So this year, I won a free entry for The 2015 Chase The Coyote trail race, In Mono cliffs. For getting a free entry this year, I was told by Team Running Free that I have to write an article about the race. So here It Is.

First things first, I have ran Chase The Coyote, 3 out of the 4 years. I keep coming back to this race, just because I think, this race Is a race you have to try at least once to experience. But trust me, once you go once, you will probably be back again, the next year. This race Is very well organized, the staff is very helpful, lots of food for everyone after the race. The courses are very beautiful, and very scenic trails. This year for 2015, there was a 5.7 km race, 14.4 km, and lastly a 21 km, which was introduced for the first time this year, at Chase The Coyote. The courses are not fast courses, all three races are very technical, but again, great scenery.

This year, going into the race, I decided to run the 5.7 km. I really wanted to run the 21 km, but this was my 18th race this year, and on top of that I had already ran the 100 km Ultra Marathon the weekend before Chase The Coyote. So I wasn’t so sure how I was going to do In the race. But when I ended up crossing the finish line, I found out that I placed 8th out of 204 runner’s and got 1st place In my age group. But after looking at the results for the 5.7 km, I new running the 100 km Ultra last weekend was going to take a bit of a toll on me during the race, I ended up running 2 minutes slower then my 5.7 km time from last year. But I was still satisfied with my result, I couldn’t be to hard on myself, I was just honestly happy that I was able to race again, and get a nice speedy recovery, so that I can run this great race Chase the Coyote.

One thing I do love about this race, Is that, all 3 races, the 5.7 km, 14.4 km, and the 21 km, all start at different times, which Is great, because immediately you know who Is In your race. Most races start all the races at the same time, but this one doesn’t, which Is very beneficial!!! On top of all that, there is a special challenge, this race offers to all athletes who run the 14.4 km trail race. Any male who can run the 14.4 km trail In under 60 minutes and any women who can run the 14.4 km In under 70 minutes will receive a special reward “I beat the Coyote Challenge” award. On top of that you will receive a free entry into next years race.

But overall I would highly recommend this race to anybody. Especially those who love racing, and those who love to get out on the trails. The race has runner’s at all levels, so no matter how quick you are, odds are, there will be someone else there with you giving you a run for your money!!! So If you haven’t tried this race yet, then what are you waiting for.

Thank you all for those who have read my 2015 Chase The Coyote article, and I wish you all happy running!!!

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