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CW-X Stabilyx ¾ Tights- gear review

An avid runner, I have tried out many pair of tights. I have different pairs for winter, spring, summer and fall. One thing that I can’t stand about my tights is how boring they are- always in black! You can thus imagine my excitement when I saw these beauties show up in store. Still in black, but with the stitching emphasized in bold bright colours. Love at first sight!

love the colourful stitching!

love the colourful stitching!

I have run in CW-X tights for a number of years, and continue to do so, especially in fall and winter, as I really appreciate the added hip, and knee support. In the winter and in-between seasons where footing can be varied I find having the added support for my knees really makes a difference to my running. In the winter I wear the full-length CW-X compression tights, and in the in-between seasons I find the ¾ length is the perfect length for temperature control while running.

The ¾ length tights come to just under my knee. The compression tights are not too tight on my calf, which is a problem I have noticed in other brands. In the past I have had fraying in the crotch area of the pants, however with these tights I have not noticed that problem. There is a sizing chart that accompanies the pants so you get the right size, so perhaps I just had a bit too much junk in my trunk for the last pair…

One downside with these pants is there is only a small pocket (no zipper) attached to the inner waist of the pants. While I can usually stash my car key in my bra, I ideally would love a pocket a bit bigger that I could feel safe putting my key in. The only other thing I have noticed with these pants is sometimes my dimensions are not the same/ typical dimensions (which i’m sure it’s hard to get perfect considering the variation in people’s sizes) however I find I have to pull my tights up so that the compression areas are in the right place, which means the waistline is over my belly button. Mom-style high pants. Not the most sexy, but we’re running for fitness, not for the runway, right?

Caitlin testing out the tights

Caitlin testing out the tights

Overall these tights are super, I would definitely recommend them. Try out a pair for yourself and let me know what you think!


Ran for Queen's University 2003-2007 Member of Newmarket Huskies 2017- current PB: 5km- 19:55 10km- 41:46 half- 1:31:47 marathon- 3:25:45 50km: 7hrs

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