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EC3D Hybrid Compression Sleeve Review

Do you run a lot? Do you like long distances? Both?  How are your legs for fatigue? Recovery? Have you tried compression calf sleeves?

Me, I’m a long slow runner, who goes for the big events and I’m sometimes looking for that edge. I’ve tried a couple of different makes and weights of calf sleeves and recently I’ve tried the EC3D Hybrid Combo Compression Sleeves.

EC3D Hybrid Combo Compression Unisex White/Red/Black - EC3D Style # COM 9000-WHRB
The Hybrid Combo Pack consists of a pair of a Performance Sleeves, Recovery Sleeves and ankle socks. The packs come in three base colours, White with Red and Black accents, Pink with Yellow and White accents and Black with Red and White accents.

Compression socks are good for enhanced circulation, calf stabilization, reducing muscle inflammation and helping to eliminate Lactic Acid.

I have had on and off calf problems for a couple of years now and I find the use of compression sleeves very helpful. I also go in for a lot of long distance, and stage races. For some events, I might start off without them and put them on later. Others, I wear them from the very start. With the EC3D Compression Sleeves I have found the support to be just what I wanted, and unlike some they have not become too uncomfortable as the event progressed.

The Recovery Sleeves I have found of great benefit as well. After I’ve changed after my events, I would pull them on for the drive home. I’ve found this has decreased some cramping issues I’ve had in the past. As well I have found getting about afterwards has been less unpleasant. Unfortunately it only helps the calves.

I’ve only worn the ankle socks on a couple of occasions, mostly with the recovery sleeves, so I cannot comment on their effects on performance. But along with the Recovery Sleeves, I’ve had the decreased cramping issues postrace.

The Hybrid Combo Packs come in several size ranges measured at the calf circumference:  11”-12.5”, 12.5”-14.5”, 14.5”-16.5” and 16.5”-19’. It’s very important to get the right size and if you happen to have the size that fits in two ranges I would recommend going with the smaller range. My experience with other compressions socks is better a little snug, I can push them down if I have too, rather than having them not do what I need.

So far the Hybrid Combo Pack has done what I needed.

Give them a try, I think you’ll like them.

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  • I use a lot of the EC3D stuff -shorts,long tights, calve recovery sleeve -really great stuff!!! no issues with them. LOVE their products and would highly recommend them AND they are canadian!

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