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Shoe review: Adidas Supernova Glide Boost 7

These shoes fall into the cushioned, neutral running category.

I have had these shoes about 3 months now, and put on easily 350+ miles.  My review is as follows:

I have long been a fan of Adidas, in particular their Supernova line of shoes.  These shoes tend to be great workhorses, lasting for many many miles, with plush cushioning.  They have vastly improved over the years, as I remember one early pair, around 1999-2000, had terrible wear, the sole pretty much disintegrated after 25 miles or so.  Not any more.

I have now put more than 350 miles on this current pair, with a previous pair (the glide 6) still having a bit of oomph even though I have kicked the crap out of it after north of 600 miles in the fall.

What I like about the shoe:

  1. The upper – It is roomy, has a gusseted tongue, which allows for good fit and proper maintaining of tightness throughout shorter and long runs.  Welded overlays and an inner and outer material give it some heft to stand up to the elements.  This may have some downside in the hot summer, but since it is fall/winter, one can’t be sure.
  2. The outsole – Made of “continental” rubber, the outsole continues to last, only now starting to show some wear, but nothing concerning.  Has pretty good grip in the wet as well.  It doesn’t do well in snow or ice.  For that, I suggest some shoe screws, or slip on protection like what was previously reviewed here.
  3. Responsive ride – while some of the plush cushioning has been replaced by the more responsive boost technology, I think it is pretty well balanced (boost technology it turns out, is its so-called evolutionary cushioning tech that claims to have delivered the highest energy return of any running product. Made from thousands of “specially formulated” foam pellets that have all been “smooshed” together (my words).  It looks almost like small foam packing material rather than solid EVA like most other shoes).  While there is lots of cushioning, it seems to have a bit more stiffness/responsiveness than a traditional well cushioned shoe.  I can confirm that I have been able to get up to and past marathon pace during long runs, (around 6:30/mile), and it has held up pretty well.

What I dislike:

  1. Weight – at 10.7 ounces, it is a bit heavy for my liking, but this said, the responsiveness does allow for a good transition to a tempo/racing shoe when the time is right.  Put on the racing shoes after these, and you feel like you are flying (maybe that is a good thing!).
  2. Moisture control – Having run in the rain a few times, these get pretty wet and heavy, offering little in the way of drainage.
  3. Finding a pair – these aren’t easy to come by.  They are not carried by many stores, and not sure why.
  4. Colour Choices – See #3 in dislike.  I found blue with lime detail (the colour in the photo above is actually navy, don’t be fooled!).  Probably there are other choices, but I couldn’t find them.  There is also very little reflective material on them, when compared to other makes and models in the category.

Other details:

Drop – 9mm

Weight – 10.7ounces

Price – $160CDN ( though they often go on sale, sometimes to $100 which is good value for their durability)

These will continue to be a go to for me.  Having run in almost every brand, Adidas have consistently provided me with the least injury time, and hence continue to be one of my frequent shoes.  Probably this has to do with the last, stack height and cushioning being the most suitable for my stride and strike, but it continues to make sense for me.

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