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Zoot Del Mar Shoe Review

Zoot Del Mar Women's Pacific/Honey Dew

I picked up these shoes in July and started running in them in mid August.  I can honestly say they are probably the most comfortable shoes I have worn.  They are a neutral cushioned shoe, 8mm drop so not minimalist but not the 12mm drop you find in many shoes.  They feel  light as well, 10 oz.  I use my orthotics so always opt for a neutral shoe to use them in.  And I have run in many, many pairs of shoes over the years.  As I age I find that I really do need more cushioning than I used to and this shoe is great for that.  Especially the forefoot.  I am a midfoot striker and find these shoes enable me to move through the entire gait seemlessly.  Other neutral shoes I have worn have left my left forefoot quite sore because of the lack of cushioning (or not enough cushioning for my needs) but the Del Mar truly feels as if I am running on a cloud.

The upper fits very well.  The heel cup is nice and high and I don’t feel as if my feel will slip out of it.  I didn’t have any adjustment period with these shoes, no blisters and no irritating hot spots.  I can definitely see myself buying another pair.  Since I do triathlon I can see this shoe doing well for a longer event, an Olympic or a half-ironman distance.

Zoot uses BareFit technology which relates to how they put the upper together as seemlessly as possible and make the shoe fit to eliminate blister contact points , Z-Bound which means “less weight, better cushioning”.  I do feel they are a light weight, well fitting, extremely comfortable shoe which stay comfortable on long runs.

I got a size 10 which fits pretty true to size.  The width of the toe box is pretty standard.  I haven’t had a problem with the width.  I tend to like a toe box that isn’t overly wide because I have pretty narrow feet but also have a bunion on my right foot and the upper and the overlays haven’t caused any problems for that.

The one thing I noticed about the shoe which I didn’t like was running with them on wet pavement.  They were slippery and made an awful squeaking sound which was quite irritating.  I would actually think twice about using them for any run longer than a nice slow 5k if there was any water/moisture on the ground.

Aside from the squeaking and the slippery sole on wet pavement, the pros of this shoe heavily outweigh this one con and I would buy this shoe again.  The cushioning is outstanding, the fit is near perfect and they are a nice fresh aqua/yellow colour.  I am hoping to get a few hundred more kilometers out of this shoe and will consider buying a pair of Zoot for the trails and shorter distance races as well.


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