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Women’s Zoot Performance Tri Tank Review

Zoot Performance Tri Tank Women's Kaleidoscope

I picked up this tri tank in July and hoped to get quite a bit of use out of it before the triathlon season ended.  And I did!  There are many things I like about the Tri Tank.  It has a built in shelf bra, some pockets in the side to store items such as gels, phone etc.  I could actually fit my Iphone 6 with its case in the pocket when out for a bike ride quite easily.  It was nice to know it was secure in the side pocket and easily accessible.  The zipper on the front is handy if you should require some extra ventilation. It’s also easy to zip up for coverage!

I am very small when it comes to sizing.  I almost always wear an extra small or small depending on what it is.  I found with Zoot their sizing is on the extremely small side.  When first trying on the tanks I pulled a small off the hanger to try it on.  I am not exaggerating when I say I couldn’t even fit it over my head completely.  The medium fits me well, like a small would in other brands.  I am also very tall, and long in the torso but found the length of the Tri Tank perfect.  When I am on my bike the back stays well down in the back and doesn’t ride up.  Which is a plus because who wants to keep tugging a shirt back into place.  The arm cut outs also fit well.  Again, I am small and am not sure how this would fit someone who has larger arms, but for me they were perfect.

The shelf bra is one thing I am not sure about.  It is very difficult to get a sports bra that fits well on its own, so to buy a tank with a shelf bra already built in hoping it has enough support is a tall order.  I have to wear my regular sports bra underneath the tank, otherwise, the shelf bra on its own would not provide enough support at all.

The quality of the fabric is terrific and the stitching is sturdy and seems that it will hold up to many workouts and washes.  The bright pink colour is perfect and I like that it is easily visible, especially while out on a bike ride.

All the Zoot products I have tried so far have been of the highest quality and have held up wonderfully.  I am very pleased that I picked up the Tri Tank and look forward to getting a lot more use out of it next summer as well.

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