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Gear Review – Kids TYR Swim Goggles

Gear Review – Kids TYR Swim Goggles

Having 3 kids 10 and under, we have gone through our share of goggles.  Last year, my 8 year old daughter decided to join a local swim club.  Our biggest challenge for the year was trying to find goggles that did not let water in, fog, hurt her nose or were comfortable.  We spent many pre-practice drives to the club in tears because she was just not happy with the way her goggles fit.  They would slip off her head, break when she was putting them on and this caused many frustrating practice nights and anxiety for her.  So, it was my sole mission to find her a pair of swim goggles that was the complete opposite of all of these things.  We arrived at Running Free Orangeville and Jodi helped fit my daughter with a pair of TYR goggles.  She was super excited and LOVED all the fun colours they came in.  Let me tell you that these goggles are now GOLD for her.  The first thing I noticed (being the mom), is that her eyes were no longer red from the chlorine because the TYR did NOT allow the water to leak through to her eyes.  The suction on the goggles keeps them on her head and the quality of the straps is amazing.  These goggles get taken on and off her head many times during practice and meets and we have had ZERO problems with straps breaking or coming loose.  There has been no complaining of foggy goggles, or water coming in and most importantly she is comfortable.  Sadly, she misplaced her goggles recently at a swim meet (good thing I bought two).  She was pretty upset, but relieved when I told her I had a spare pair (now to go and buy ALL the goggles!)  That being said, TYR is affordable to replace, but only because they go missing not from quality!  I am happy to say that we have found our goggle that will keep her happy and loving swimming every time she gets in the pool.

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