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Buying Your Currex Insole


I have been using currex insoles for a number of years and I love their product. Just like a good shoe I believe you need a good insole to balance the shoe because not eveyone’s foot is the same. When I first started running I developed a reverse shin splint due to the over pronation of my foot causing the muscle on the inner side of my shin to over work. I followed the following steps to fit myself for the right insole for me. After the first run in the same shoes with the insole I noticed a dramatic relief of the shin splint like symptoms.

The insoles are fitted based on two criteria, 1. your Arch Type and 2. your Leg Axis. To determine your arch type, currex has a pressure plate that illustrates what type of arch you have after standing on it for about a minute.

My foot impression gave me a B (medium height) type arch.


The next item is to look at the leg axis by standing with your feet touching and evaluating if your legs are bow legged, straight or knock knees. In my case I have straight legs.


Based on the combination of medium arch and straight legs I have a B2 foot meaning I should select the high profile foot bed.


Below are some other great design features of the currex insole. This is what the major design differences between the superfeet insole to the currex insole. The superfeet has two sections; the soft forefoot and rigid arch-heel support system. The currex insole has three sections, the forefoot, mid foot and heel which allows for the insole to provide a greater range of motion.


Here the you can see the forefoot flexion.


Here is the flexion at the heel.


Like running shoes, the insoles need to be replaced after they get packed out. However, I keep finding new uses for my old insoles as they are still good for walking purposes. I will move them from my running pair to my walking shoe or my hiking boots and winter boots. They do last for quite a long period of time. I generally find that they will outlast a pair or running shoes. Overall I love this product and I will continue to buy them in the future.

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