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Compression calf sleeves always grab runner’s attention, they are colorful, warm, and claim helps you run fast. Personally, I have tried a few different brands compression calf products: 2XU, Compressport sports, Skins and of course the EC3D.


My first EC3D product is the RunningFree logo calf sleeves, the white color with red RunningFree logo looks great to catch runner’s eye and also provide a sensEC3D-RF-Canada-Calf-Sleeves-N40247_XLe of team belonging. The difference you notice first is the EC3D provide calibrated compression rate to its product. For the calf sleeves, the calibrated compression is 25-30 mmHg, which is a medical grade. This factor alone give lots of confidence for runners to use the EC3D in a primary race. The calf sleeves look small and feel tight to put on, but when I wear them, my calf feels warm, I believe this is because of the compression help blood circulation, so the leg muscles get more oxygen. Are the sleeves help you reduce your race time? It is possible, at least, it delays my muscle fatigue so that I can hold my hard run longer.


In early 2017, I also tried another EC3D product category Sports Med. I injured my knee during the regular winter training; I felt a sharp pain on the outside of my left knee because of the muscle imbalance. I tried a couple of different knee support sleeves, most of them bulky and cannot support my regular training. Luckily I found thec3d-compression-sportsmed-knee-sleeves-3d-942-sidee EC3D sportsmed compression knee sleeves. Those sleeves light weight, provide enough compression and support to my knee and made the pain go away. I also wear them in my training to provide additional protection during the injury time. For me, this is a must have product for injury recovery.

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