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Addaday- Recovery Tools

Hi everyone, through the Team Running Free Lottery I won the Addaday prize.  I’m an endurance runner and I enjoy punishing my body and then some more after with recovery tools such a foam balls, foam rollers and roller sticks.  I just picked up this cool little marble massager before I flew down to Utah to run the Bryce Canyon Ultra 50 Miler.  I was able to keep it with me on the plane on my carry on bag and use the marble massager when I was sitting on the plane for over 4 hours.  Its compact size allows you to use while traveling either on a plane and in the car for those long road trips to keep you loose.  I don’t sit at a desk but you could easily sit at your desk at work/home and relieve some of that neck tension or post race pains. Back to my trip and after running my most punishing race to date (review to follow) I got up the next morning to make the 4 hour long drive back to Las Vegas and then jump on the plane for 5 hours I needed a way to roll and massage my body aches and this little gem did the job.  Everyone knows how tight plane seats are and I was able to roll my legs without stretching into the aisle or my neighbors seat.

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One downfall, as you can see I have hairy legs and those little marbles liked to pinch and pull the hairs.  It also is difficult to get those deep tissue aches without using some serious elbow grease to get at them.

Overall I would recommend this to any runner/athlete or person who requires massage treatment regularly.  You can take it anywhere and its quick and easy to use. I’m currently still working out some kinks with it while at work in between job sites. Hope this helps!

Run for the adventure and Race because you can.

Happy Trails

Wade Speirs

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