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Random Thoughts from an Amateur Triathlete

No matter what discipline you are pursuing or training activity underway, I am pretty confident we have all had some pretty random thoughts along the way.

After a particular training ride that included some serious self-talk (both positive and negative), I thought I would jot down and share some of the randomness that has gone through my head in training, in races or while in the midst of merchandise acquisition.

I hope I’m not the only one who has had these thoughts, and I hope you can associate with or laugh at some of these.

Please feel free to add in the comment section.



  1. Will this (food/clothing/shoe/bike/helmet/sunglasses/wetsuit/sunscreen) make me faster?
  2. Why does everything hurt?
  3. Who’s going to watch the kids tomorrow when I swim?
  4. If I run this morning… and swim tonight….  YES! I can sleep in tomorrow!  Oh wait.  Gotta cycle. D’oh.
  5. Why don’t any of my pants fit properly anymore?!?
  6. What’s wrong with a conehead helmet?!?
  7. I’m going out of town for the weekend retreat to relax…  I hope the roads are in good repair for a cycle.
  8. Men can wear tights!
  9. Arriving home with the odometer showing 98km after a training cycle…  Nope, not done yet.
  10. Why is my grocery bill so high and fridge always empty?
  11. That’s a pretty bike.  That will make me faster!
  12. Why is the pile of dirty workout clothes bigger than all the rest of my clothes combined?!?
  13. Will this (food/clothing/shoe/bike/helmet/sunglasses/wetsuit/sunscreen) make this training easier?
  14. Financial dilemma:  New running shoes for my son… or gels for me…  hmmm….
  15. Why can’t I find those running shorts?  Oh yeah.  I wore them yesterday.  They’re in the pile.
  16. It’s race day!  …I really wish I could have fallen asleep last night…
  17. It’s just a 10k run.      (Prepare for raised eyebrows from surrounding people)
  18. Yes, my cycling helmet is sexy!  Oh.  You were being sarcastic.
  19. Are there any snapping turtles in this lake?
  20. My watch!  Where is my watch?  I can’t leave without my watch!
  21. 25mm is definitely better than 23mm.
  22. While planning a vacation abroad, is it wrong to look if there are any races in the area when we’ll be there?
  23. I’m paying to do this?!
  24. I’m treating this race like a training run.    (Often said, never done. Proceed to shoot for a PB).
  25. Spandex is perfectly acceptable.
  26. If you paid full price…  you probably bought it because something broke.
  27. I wonder if Wifey will like me hanging the bike in the living room.  It is a work of art after all.
  28. Yes, you have to get the one that fits properly, even if the other one is on a super sale.
  29. Why am I hungry again?
  30. Dog on a leash approaching.  If it gets lose, will I be able I dodge it?
  31. Yuck! I’m never eating another gel!   Ever!!   (45 minutes later)  Oh!  That one wasn’t bad!
  32. Wheels cost how much?!?
  33. Wohoo! The finish line!       Hey, when is the next race on the calendar?
  34. Oh! That was a big pothole!  I could have lost my bike in there!
  35. Latex is better than Butyl.
  36. Yum!  Chlorine!   Or is that bromine…?    Is this better than lake water?
  37. Are there are any bears in this area?
  38. You’re going for one race, how much stuff do you need?
  39. It’s too hot to be at the beach.  Good thing I have my running shoes.
  40. It was worth it.





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