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Durham Quarter Marathon

Earlier this year – I won the lottery to race in this local race in Durham. The Durham Quarter Marathon or DQM as folks may call it, is a local race that’s for charity. The race kit received was a very nice  t-shirt with some goodies. We had the option to return the race kit box with items that we can donate.  The race started at 830 AM – at the start of the race there were a few pace bunnies represented by Running Free that helped pace individuals at different time-frames. We started the race at 830 AM. The start of the race was a slight downhill making it a good warm up to begin the race and to get the pace started.  The weather was quite humid and hot; therefore the amount of water stations was perfect. We ran through the trails that were not entirely closed; however it was wide enough that we were able to have a few people running side by side.  As it was running on trails, there was not a huge crowd support so it was a very quiet throughout the run. At the end of the race, it consisted of some hills and a huge one toward the 9.5K mark that slowed a lot of people down a bit. I ended  the race with fast sprint racing my running partner at the end to complete the race under an hour. The overall distance on my Strava showed 10.5K at 59:15; which was a decent time for myself with hills, hot weather and recovering from injuries.

We had a good time racing at this event, and will sign-up next year to do it.

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We like to thank all the volunteers that helped with course marshal, water stations, organizing, etc., without the help a race will never be as successful!



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