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One Bag to Rule Them All – Locally and Internationally – Zoot Ultra Tri Bag 2.0

One Bag to Rule Them All – Locally and Internationally

Triathlons require gear.

Two pair of shoes (cycling & running)… Wetsuit… Helmet… Tri kit… Nutrition… Towels… Bottles… Etc…etc…

I have always found trying to pack everything for a triathlon race to be a bit of a hassle.  Compared to a running race, there just seems to be a ton of stuff.  And trying to get it all into a bag where it’s logically organized is another task altogether.

The Zoot Ultra Tri Bag 2.0 has become my stress reliever.

It has as many pockets as you need and tons of space without feeling like a hockey bag.

As described on the Running Free website:

• Molded helmet protective compartment
• Removable sealed wet/dirty laundry/wetsuit compartment
• NEW – 2 exterior water bottle pockets
• Exterior small item zippered pocket for valuables
• Fleece lined top pocket for sunglasses/mp3 player
• Divided mesh interior storage pockets for organization
• NEW – Reflective detailing for visibility in low light conditions

What I love is that no matter how much gear I have, it fits.

When packing for a race, I initially pack gear to cover all possible weather, a hot kit, cold kit, wet kit, dry kit….  And then the night before the race, I make my best guess and pare it down to what I am actually going to use.

Using this bag to its fullest, she keeps me organized! I can separate my swim stuff in one pocket, cycling gear in another pocket and running kit in another pocket.  So on the morning of the race, when I get to transition, it’s an easy unpack.  One less thing to worry about.

Tidying up after the race is just as easy.  There is even a wet bag that can keep the wetsuit and dirty kit separated from everything else.

(wetsuit not  shown)

Not only is it good for local racing, it is a prime pack for international travel and was a breeze using it as a carry-on to get through several airports and customs inspections.  The bag opens like a luggage bag.  It has a zipper that encompasses more than ¾ of the bag and it just folds open.  It also has wide, comfortable shoulder straps and a padded hip belt… (You could use it for hiking if you really wanted!)

This year was the first time I traveled on a plane to do a destination triathlon, there were only two things I worried about arriving:  My bike, which I couldn’t carry-on & my triathlon kit, which could not be replaced.  Can you imagine trying to race in brand new cycling and running shoes?  (I even packed a spare set of pedals in my tri bag, in case the bike went wayward.  I figured I could source a bike and make due as long as I had pedals that matched my cleats.)

And lessons learned at the airports:

Toronto Pearson Airport – Security weren’t sure what a CO2 inflator was.  (No cartridges to demonstrate though).  They let it through.  They did not however approve of my aerosol sunscreen as it was a 114ml can… which exceeds the 100ml limit.  It found its way into the garbage. L  They also made sure to measure my mini multi-tool to make sure none of the Allen keys exceeded the length restrictions.

Hong Kong Airport – They searched hard for some metal sticks in the bag.    OH!  Those medal things that stick out of the bicycle tubes… called stems… Apparently the long-ish metal stems raised some serious eyebrows and had to be located and inspected before they’d allow me through.  They also checked the multi-tool, just for good measure.

But as always, smile when they ask to see the contents.

Whether it is used locally or international, it is a great bag.  It is a big bag, that doesn’t feel like a big bag.  And in the off-season, it’s a great storage bag to keep everything together in one place!


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