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Saxx The Best Men’s Underwear!

I was lucky enough to win the Saxx lottery this year, and I could not be happier.  With my lottery credit I purchased two different pairs of Saxx, the first being the Saxx Kinetic Boxer, used while training, and the Saxx Vibe Boxer, used for everyday life.


I will start off with the Saxx Kinetic Boxer found here:

This kinetic boxer short offers great comfort and support for all types of activities.  The Saxx boxer has dividers in place to help prevent chaffing on the super hot days, as well as adding support for when you are out on the trails.  The comfort aspects makes iy feel like they are nearly invisible.  I can not wait to pick up another pair!

Next I will review the Saxx Vibe Boxer found here:


The Saxx Vibe Boxer also comes with the integrated separators in the leg to prevent any possible chafing and adding extra support.  These boxers maintain a great balance of comfort and support, that have lead me to purchasing more pairs.


Another added bonus to the boxers are the wide range of colours that each pair comes in, so there really is a pair for everyone!

If you are interested in looking at all the different options of Saxx they can be found here:



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