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TO Waterfront 10K

This summer’s Toronto Waterfront 10K saw the Canada Running Series team up with Lululemon to bring runners a fabulous event!

With a route along Toronto’s beautiful Lakeshore, the course is fairly flat and very fast – a perfect event for personal bests. Taking place in mid-June it does tend to be a very hot and sunny race with little to no shade, but the lake breezes help a bit.

2017’s medals were beautiful, with all of the features I like to see in a race medal: A fancy ribbon, the name and date of the race on the medal, and when you flip the medal over there is an inspirational quote on the back. I was slightly disappointed with this year’s race t-shirt but I’m writing it off as being due to the last-minute Lululemon sponsorship that caused them to include a very basic, black Lululemon running T with a very tiny race logo on one sleeve. Last year’s shirt was colourful and had a beautiful logo on the front, so my expectations were slightly higher that a plain black t-shirt.

At the finish line there were donuts and wet towels, as well as the usual finish line fare.

All in all the Toronto Waterfront 10K is a fabulous event – one of my favourites – and I highly recommend checking it out!

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