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Saucony Triumph ISO2 

I wrote the following a few months back and just never hit “post”
Well I know it’s a bit late for an ISO 2 review seeing the 3s just debuted earlier this month, but here is my first impressions.
I’m slowly becoming a Saucony Triumph loyalist. I started with the old version of the 8’s the ISO 1 and now these. Firstly, I’m loving the fit and feel of the 2s. As soon as I tired them on in stores they fit like a glove (well more like a shoe) but exactly as the ISO 1 felt.
A few changes from the 1s include EVERRUN cushioning system and the grip tread on the bottom. As for the EVERRUN the main difference I felt was that they are not an bouncy vs the 1s, which is a good thing. The response off the ground contact seems to be a bit more firm but equally as soft. As I continued to run on them, the cushioning felt similar to my Adidas Supernova Sequence with their Boost system, very responsive but cushioned. I like the update a lot on em.
As for the tread they are still made of the same XT-900 rubber, but the tread pattern is what is different. The tread on forefoot runs across the entire width of the shoe. So far running on some dry pavement I didn’t really notice much of a difference in traction. After running a short 8km on them, the tread looks out of the box new.
The rest of the overlays on the shoe feel the same as the previous version as well as the ISO fit system. I’m a big fan of the ISO system which is the locking system that wraps the front of your foot over the tongue and holds the laces (which is not a traditional tongue, more like a sock sleeve system). I absolutely love it as this is my third shoe with the ISO system and can’t imagine running in a shoe without it now.
As for the colour scheme, it’s a “meh” for me… not loving it, nor hating em either. They do come in other colours, but these are the main ones, and the only colour they had in my size. So I went with fit and comfort over looks.
So far so good, looking forward to putting more miles on em… loved the 1s and now the 2s are looking like a beautiful replacement. Wonder what’s in store for the 3s? Get the Saucony Triumph ISO2 while you can, on a sweet deal.
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