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Saucony Peregrine Trail Shoes (with and without FlexShell)

As someone kind of new to trail running (on a regular basis), and in need of a shoe that has a heel drop, the Saucony Peregrine has been a life saver! I bought the ‘winter’ edition of this shoe last November and immediately loved it. The FlexShell kept my feet dry through winter trails and on winter roads. The grip gave me an added level of stability on icy Caledon roadways, and confidence on slippery trails. Since wearing this shoe, I have had a dramatic decrease in IT band issues, which had sidelined me before. The FlexShell also kept my feet dry during muddy spring trail running sessions.

As a pairing, I just purchased the Peregrine 8 trail shoe for warm weather running. Again, I am not disappointed. I have tried many a shoe (road and trail) and this is a keeper. The grip is excellent on rocky, uneven trails and the shoe is flexible for all off road running. This pair even comes with an extra set of laces.

In all, both versions of the Peregrine are durable, comfortable, and are keeping me pain free! I would never have tried this pair of shoes, as Saucony is not a brand I usually wear, but I’m really glad I gave it a chance!

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